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A Scalable Smart Digital Business Card that will Transform your Business

Easily create beautiful digital business cards (personal or for business) in seconds. Share and connect with anyone, in any industry, across the globe by using our social search feature..

The SmartAss Digital Business card is a savvy marketing tool perfect for growing your business and personal network – literally from the palm of your hand.

The SmartAss app (mobile) and admin dashboard (desktop) includes:

  • built-in advanced analytics with colorful, easy to understand graphs and trends
  • data-driven insights to assist in generating more quality leads
  • multiple business cards with unlimited cards, shares and contacts
  • dynamic search feature to easily find friends, family, business associates, clients, colleagues, prospects, and businesses in any country (global networking).
  • business card directory to organize the cards, the way you want to.
  • goal setting so you can achieve your desired performance
  • sales cycle management to ensure optimal results during each step of the sales process

Proven to drive efficiency and growth.

Data-Driven Insights to Drive more Leads and Sales

Create meaningful connections with prospects by using qualitative and quantitative data:

  • Get a clear understanding of who your target audience is (via the Demographics Reports);
  • which product/service is the most profitable (Leads Management Analytics);
  • which industries, age groups, or job types get the most interaction (Audience Behavior Analytics);
  • where are your leads actually being generated from (Leads Sources);
  • a funnel view of your leads at each step of the sales process, per product or service offering, by any specific date range (Sales Conversion Funnel).


The SmartAss Digital Business Card is ideal for any business in any industry whether big or small.


Built for your Entire (Sales) Team

Have a sales team? Manage them effortlessly on the go (via your mobile) while still keeping a close eye on the monthly sales revenue trends.

Forge a path to success by examining your teams’ prospects through the sales pipeline and identifying which step(s) needs to be worked on more effectively. Get a snapshot view of each team members’ performance weekly, monthly or over any specific date range.

With real-time insights, you can always be in the know when a deal is closed or lost; or if there is a change in certain trends; or if your team exceeds their targets etc.

Your Network is your Net Worth

This remarkable quote from Tim Saunders is spot-on! Start increasing your network today by using the SmartAss app or admin dashboard.

You don’t need to physically meet someone to share your digital business card nor do you need to know their email address or mobile number.

With SmartAss you can effortlessly search for people or businesses, simply request to connect and voila – connection made, and business card shared! An easy, super-fast and a convenient way to increase your network, tenfold.

This has been the holy grail of contactless sharing, and we’re excited to be one of the first smart digital business card apps that offers it.