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SmartAss Digital Business Card Examples

Create a Smart Free Digital Business Card

How do you Create a Free Digital Business Card?

When creating a digital business card, you have to be mindful of the features you require. Firstly you would need to ask yourself – what will you be using the digital card for? What it is objective? and the answers may be quite easy. You will need to create a digital business card that looks appealing and showcases your company’s logos and brand image, then you would all your contact details as well as a profile picture of yourself. If your objective is to share your business card, then a ‘sharing’ option will be required as well. These are the very basic features needed. But the creation of Smart Digital Business Cards has evolved over the years and now there are tons more valuable features that allows you to drive more sales and leads to your business – not just having a statics digital business card that you can share.

With the creation of a SmartAss Digital Business card you will get all these features at no cost, as well as a Contactless Smart Digital Business Card with built-in Advanced Analytics in . It makes use of data-driven insights to assist in driving more leads and closing sales faster. SmartAss is an innovated sales and marketing tool in the palm of your hands.

SmartAss is completely Free on IOS and Android with Unlimited Cards, Unlimited Shares, Unlimited Contacts, Data Analytics (graphs) and does not have any ads!

SmartAss as a Sales Tool

As a sales tool this smart digital business card in adopts lead generation strategies to connect with a potential client or business prospects and monitors the progress at each step of the sales pipeline assisting in closing more sales faster. Its uses qualitative and quantitative data to assist you in creating meaningful connections and is proven to drive efficiency and growth.

SmartAss as a Marketing Tool

As a marketing tool, this smart digital business card allows you to connect with anyone in any industry, in any country, across the globe by using the search feature on the app or admin dashboard (via a browser). You don’t need to physically meet someone to share your digital business card, nor do you need to know their email address or mobile number.

Popular Features (when creating a digital business card):

  • Many Stunning design templates – to choose from which are easily implemented in seconds. For customized designs you can choose the enterprise package.
  • Free Digital Business Card AnalyticsBuilt-in Advanced Analytics – with colorful, easy to understand graphs and trends
  • Data-Driven Insights – to assist in generating more quality leads
  • Create Multiple Business Cards – with unlimited shares and unlimited contacts
  • Dynamic Search Feature – to easily find friends, family, business associates, clients, colleagues, prospects, and or businesses in any country (global networking). You don’t need to physically meet someone to share your digital business card nor do you need to know their email address or mobile number.
  • Business Card Directory – to organize your digital business cards, the way you want to.
  • Goal setting – so you can achieve your desired performance daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • Sales Cycle Management – to ensure optimal results during each step of the sales process
  • User Engagement Statistics – to assist in growing our network & closing more deals
  • Sales Team Management – which allows you to manage your sales team while on the go. Check their leads status, sales revenue, pipeline, compare their performance etc.
  • Business Profile Page – which is a ‘sales page’ that showcases your businesses products or services, accolades, client testimonials, accreditations, Unique Selling Proposition (USP’s) etc.
  • HTML Version – which allows others to view your digital business card without having to download the app.
  • Setup meetings and reminders – on the fly for each prospect that you connect with.
  • Real-time data – so you can always be ‘on the ball’ when a deal is closed or lost, or if an important connection is made or if you team exceeds their targets etc. Also no need to export or import data to any third-party CRM tools to view.

Create a Digital Business Card with Graphical Reports

There are plenty of analytical data available that provides detailed insights, trends and user behavior analysis. Popular graphical reports include:

  • Getting a clear understanding of who your target audience is (via the demographics reports)
  • which product/service is the most profitable (Leads Management Analytics);
  • which industries, age groups, or job types get the most interaction (Audience Behavior analytics);
  • where your leads are actually being generated from (Leads Sources);
  • a funnel view of your leads at each step of the sales process, per product or service offering by any specific date range. (Sales Conversion Funnel).


Your Network is your Net Worth

Digital Business Card Analytics

With the creation of the SmartAss digital business card , you can effortlessly search for people or businesses, simply request to connect and voila – connection made, and business card shared! An easy, super-fast and a convenient way to increase your network, tenfold.

This has been the holy grail of contactless sharing, and we’re excited to be one of the first smart digital business card apps in the that offers it.


Sales Team Extraordinaire

Have a sales team? Manage them effortlessly on the go (via your mobile) while still keeping a close eye on the monthly sales revenue trends.

Forge a path to success by examining your teams’ prospects through the sales pipeline and identifying which step(s) needs to be worked on more effectively. Get a snapshot view of each team members’ performance weekly, monthly or over any specific date range.

With real-time insights, you can always be in the know when a deal is closed or lost; or if there is a change in certain trends; or if your team exceeds their targets etc.


Who MUST use & Create the SmartAss Digital Business Card App

Ideal for individuals, startups, small businesses, corporate and enterprises in any industry. It is a Scalable Smart Digital Business Card that will Transform your Business.

The SmartAss Digital Business Card is ideal for any business in any industry whether big or small.

SmartAss App Interface

More SMART Features:

Multiple Business Cards

Create multiple or many different digital business cards for your other companies using the same SmartAss account.

Stunning Customizable Designs

Choose a design that you like and add in your details. For custom-built business cards, please contact us.

Unlimited Business Cards

Get unlimited digital business cards on all packages. Now share & connect with family, friends, & business prospects.

Unlimited Contacts and Card Shares

You can share as many digital business cards as you like and gain unlimited amount of contacts or leads.

Search Feature

Use the search feature on the app or via the admin dashboard to find people, business leads / prospects.

Business Card Directory

Organize your digital business cards in alphabetical / ascending or descending order or create your own order.

Advanced Data Analytics

Grow your network & close more deals with in-depth analytics that analyses the user behavior and sales cycle.

Sales Team Management

Manage team while on the go. Check their leads status, sales revenue, pipeline, compare their performance etc.

Business Profile Page

Showcase your businesses products or services, accolades, client testimonials, accreditations etc.

Vanity URL's

One can view your smart digital business card without downloading the app. View the card in any browser.

Smart Email Signatures

Email signatures can be easily imported onto your emails. Links to your business card so you can track via the app.

Meetings & Notifications

While prospecting for leads, you can setup meetings on the fly and check the card activity via the notifications.


Use SmartAss Digital Business Cards with Advanced Analytics for Free.

Starter (Free) Pack
For Startups, Students & NPO's
/ user / monthGet Started
Multiple business cards
Unlimited card shares & contacts
IOS and Andriod Apps
Admin dashboard (web browser)
Global search & connect feature
Social links and images
Activity notifications
Basic analytics:
- Card Requests
- Accepted cards
- Pending Cards
- Card Invites
- Card Shares
- Card Interactions
- Engagement Rate
Small Business Pack
For Small Businesses
/ user / monthGet Started
Everything in Free, as well as:
Business profile page
Business card directory
Calendar meetings and reminders
Create personalized notes
Video integration (Youtube, Vimeo etc.)
Sales Cycle Management (sales pipeline)
Leads management
Advanced Analytics:

- Age groups
- Gender
- Job Levels

- Conversion funnel
- Leads sourced
- Monthly leads analysis
- Leads status

Business Pack
For Medium-sized business
/ user / monthGet Started
Everything in Small Business Pack as well as:
Departmental business card
CRM Integration / Data export
Cutomized branded business card
Sales team management
Goals (individual & team)
Team Analytics:
- Conversion Goals
- Team Goals

Team Management:
- Overview
- Sales revenue
- Team Leads
- Industry Leads
- Sales contest

Enterprise Pack
For Large Businesses and Teams
/ user / monthContact us
Everything in Business Pack as well as:
Customized features
Customized design and layout
Tailor-made plan
Onboarding assistance
Monthly technical support
Tailored maintenance agreement

Grow your Network, Close More Sales, Service Customers, Monitor Prospects, and Collaborate with Team Members all from an Innovated Smart Digital Business Card App.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose SmartAss Digital Business Card

SmartAss was built as a sales tool and adopts lead generation strategies to connect with prospects. Ideal for individuals, startups, small businesses, corporate and enterprises in any industry.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your personal information and take your privacy seriously. SmartAss Digital Business card will not share, rent or sell your information to any other third parties, your details are only shared when you explicitly share them. Your SmartAss Digital Business card details can only be seen by you and the people you have shared your card with. You can view our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for more information.

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