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Smart Digital Business Card

Smart-ASS Digital Business Card – Best Smart Digital Business Card App | Free on Android & IOS.

The Smart Digital Business Card uses Behavioral Psychology, Advanced Analytics to Acquire Leads and Sales.


What is a Smart Digital Business Card?


Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

Smart Digital business card is a digital form of a business card which can be created via a mobile App or a website. Smart Digital business card is also called electronic business card, e-business card, or a virtual business card. It can be used against the traditional paper business cards to save paper, cost of printing and our environment.


Smart Digital business cards also helps with providing some useful analytics to track sales, leads and automate the leads management process.


One benefit of a smart digital business card is displaying all of your contact details in a single, convenient location, where one can access the telephone number, or email address directly by merely clicking the icons. Also viewing a businesses’ social platforms is a breeze, again, just tap on the icon to open the company’s social pages.


The main purpose of a digital business card is simple: to help you connect with more potential clients, partners, and co-workers.


Smart Digital Business Card

Smart Digital Business Card App

Previously, the traditional business cards or the printed cards where handed out to potential clients and this was a prefect way to network and connect later. However in this day and age, cards get lost, torn, and one cannot remember the person they engaged with, nor can they remember the conversations or why they wanted to connect in the first place.


The Smart Digital business cards serve the similar purpose – to connect with potential clients. But now smart digital business cards have features like, making notes, setting up meetings, reminders, and monitoring how that leads was converted through the sales process via superb analytics.


There are so many platforms available today (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc) that it can be overwhelming to share all of those details at once. That’s where digital business cards shine.


Other important benefits include:

  • Easy To Share: Smart digital business cards / electronic business card apps can be sent via email, social media, text [SMS], WhatsApp, QR Codes, Bluetooth, NFC (tapping of phones to share) etc. One does not have to physically meet a person to share their digital business card.
  • Cost-Effective: unlike paper cards there are huge costs to print, whereas with digital business cards the costs are very minimal or some apps like the Smart-Ass Digital Business Card App is free.
  • Eco-Friendly: Smart Digital business cards are not dependant on cutting a tree for paper, therefore this aids in keeping the environment safe and secure for healthy breathing of pure air. It also helps in preventing deforestation.
  • Attach Media: images, videos, podcasts, etc can now all be added to the smart digital business card.
  • Store Information Conveniently: there is no shortage information sharing to other platforms like social media pages, website etc. unlike traditional paper card where there is limited space.
  • Easy To Customize: one can change the ‘look and feel’ of their smart digital business card at any time, and within a few minutes the colour scheme, layout and imagery can we changed.
  • Updating info is easy: A digital business card design lets you automatically update the information. You do not have to reprint a new set of cards and no need to redesign either.
  • Drive more leads – this can we done via links to their product pages or a landing page so potential clients can convert into customers.
  • Contact Management: some apps have a directory where contacts can be saved per category or industry.
Benefits of Smart Digital Business Card

Benefits of Smart Digital Business Card

Another amazing feature which is tailored towards businesses – is the leads generation element. The Smart-ASS Digital Business Card not only allows one to share their smart digital business card but also allows one to track / monitor who they sent their smart digital business card to, who accepted their digital card, who declined it, how many meetings were setup, how many proposals were sent, and how many deals were closed (entire sales process). All these insights are displayed in the form of easy-to-read graphs – which makes closing deals and lead generation that more easy. The Smart-ASS Digital Business Card was created to be a lead generation tool in the palm of your hands. It was created to give the user (you and i) the insights to make better informed decisions when prospecting and seeking for business in this tough economic climate.


To get your free smart digital business card, simply download Smart-ASS Digital Business Card from the App Store (IOS) or from Google Play (Andriod).


In a few easy steps you can create your very own Free Smart Digital Business Card and share with your friends, colleagues, family and potential clients.


Tell your friends, colleagues, family and potential clients about the Smart-ASS Digital Business Card.