More SMART Features:

Multiple Business Cards

Create multiple or many different digital business cards for your other companies using the same SmartAss account.

Stunning Customizable Designs

Choose a design that you like and add in your details. For custom-built business cards, please contact us.

Unlimited Business Cards

Get unlimited digital business cards on all packages. Now share & connect with family, friends, & business prospects.

Unlimited Contacts and Card Shares

You can share as many digital business cards as you like and gain unlimited amount of contacts or leads.

Search Feature

Use the search feature on the app or via the admin dashboard to find people, business leads / prospects.

Business Card Directory

Organize your digital business cards in alphabetical / ascending or descending order or create your own order.

Advanced Data Analytics

Grow your network & close more deals with in-depth analytics that analyses the user behavior and sales cycle.

Sales Team Management

Manage team while on the go. Check their leads status, sales revenue, pipeline, compare their performance etc.

Business Profile Page

Showcase your businesses products or services, accolades, client testimonials, accreditations etc.

Vanity URL's

One can view your smart digital business card without downloading the app. View the card in any browser.

Smart Email Signatures

Email signatures can be easily imported onto your emails. Links to your business card so you can track via the app.

Meetings & Notifications

While prospecting for leads, you can setup meetings on the fly and check the card activity via the notifications.