Electronic Business Card

Smart-ASS Electronic Business Card – Best Electronic Business Card App |  Free on Android & IOS.

The Electronic Business Card uses Behavioral Psychology, and Advanced Analytics to Acquire Leads and Sales.


What is an Electronic Business Card?

Electronic Business Card App

Electronic Business Card App

An Electronic Business Card is an innovative way of sharing information previously shared on Business Cards, Brochures, Pamphlets etc. It is a paperless technique in sharing client and customer information to each other.


If you’re totally done with handing out business cards, and want to save the planet, there are still plenty of ways you can share your details with prospects – An electronic business card is a great way for people to get all of your essential details without fumbling for your card. This can be done by simply sending your electronic business card from your phone to theirs (via email, NFC, or old fashioned SMS).


The main purpose of an electronic business card is to help you connect with more potential clients, partners, and co-workers.

One benefit of an electronic business card is displaying all of your contact details in a single, convenient location, where one can access the telephone number, or email address directly by merely clicking the icons. Also viewing a businesses’ social platforms is a breeze, again, just tap on the icon to open the company’s social pages.


Electronic business cards also help with providing some useful analytics to track sales, leads and automate the leads management process – perfect for lead generation from the palm of your hands.

Electronic Business Card App

Electronic Business Card App

The Smart-ASS Electronic Business Card not only allows one to share their electronic business card but also allows one to track / monitor who they sent their electronic business card to, who accepted their electronic business card, who declined it, how many meetings were setup, how many proposals were sent, and how many deals were closed (entire sales process). All these insights are displayed in the form of easy-to-read graphs – which makes closing deals and lead generation that easier. The Smart-ASS Electronic Business Card was created to be a lead generation tool in the palm of your hands. It was created to give the user (you and i) the insights to make better informed decisions when prospecting and seeking for business in this tough economic climate.


To get your free electronic business card, simply download Smart-ASS Electronic Business Card from the App Store (IOS) or from Google Play (Andriod).


In a few easy steps you can create your very own Free Electronic Business Card and share with your friends, colleagues, family and potential clients.


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