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The Digital Business Card uses Behavioral Psychology, and Advanced Analytics to Acquire Leads and Sales.

There are thousands of Digital Business Card Apps on both the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android). The common feature among most Digital Business Card Apps are the ability to scan the traditional paper card and save it – whether this feature appeals to you or not is questionable, especially when taking the leap into the digital space still requires saving traditional cards? If this works for you, then great.


What to look for in a Digital Business Card App

  • Digital Business Card App

    Digital Business Card App

    Firstly, can the Digital Business Card App allow you to create an appealing card with all your contact details, as well as social media details that can be shared?

  • Also check the costs of these Digital Business Card Apps as some can become quite expensive.
  • Check if there are any limitations on the number or amount of business cards that you can send as per the package you have chosen.
  • Some digital business card apps are innovated and offer a lead generation element to the app. Please do check as most allows you to export the data into a CRM tool like SalesForce, Hubspot etc. (which you have to sign-up for separately at an additional cost) and then via your desktop you can view the insights / analytics. This tends to be a bit tedious due to the exporting from one medium to the next. Again, if this works for you then go for it. There are however a few that allows you to view all this data and analytics without exporting the data such as the SMART-ASS Digital Business Card App. This app has a built-in lead gen tool and built to drive and monitor leads for all types of businesses – worth checking it out.
  • Can the Digital Business Card App allow you to see who viewed the card, setup meetings, make notes, and track leads?
  • Some Digital Business Card Apps offer a free version of the app and the digital business card, but please do evaluate the features and ensure that it works for you and your business or rather opt for the paid versions instead.


We have found that the SMART-ASS Digital Business Card App ticks all the boxes above, and best of all it’s for free!


The Smart-ASS Digital Business Card App was created to be a lead generation tool in the palm of your hands. It was created to give the user (you and I) the insights to make better informed decisions when prospecting and seeking for business in this tough economic climate -isn’t that the reason we hand out business cards?

Digital Business Card App

Digital Business Card App

To get a Free Digital Business Card app, simply go the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android) and search for ‘Smart-ASS Digital Business Card App’ and download the App. Follow the easy steps in creating your Free Digital Business Card and start sharing!

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